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installation of ‘birth of commodity’ at the historic hawthorne barn in provincetown in conjunction with twenty summers

With work that conveys environmental activism while incorporating material based sub-text, her animals become allegorical characters used to highlight – and reject- women and nature as commodities exploited by a largely patriarchal capitalist society (ecofeminism). Gin Stone was born in 1971 in Binghamton, NY. She now lives and works in studio based on coastal Massachusetts.

She is a transdisciplinary artist using sculpture, installation and science to convey themes regarding nature and myth. She attended the Hartford Art School.

Stone’s pieces are created with materials including commercially fished line, ghost gear, recycled and antique textiles as well as found objects. Her work has explored the myth of ancient religion and goddess worship, channeling her immense interest in myth and mysticism. The resulting effect is a cocktail of politics, culture, history and ritual, inhabiting the space of its viewers with intrigue while inspiring thoughtful dialogue of how texture can be both physical as well as abstract. The beauty inherent in nature is brought to life to craft a portrait of meaning and movement, while building chapters on evolution and ecology.

The artist would like to acknowledge that her studio is on the stolen ancestral land of the Monomoyick People. She tries to be a good steward of the land, letting nature reclaim the surroundings.