Regarding the work begun in 2021 with this fiber.

Three-dimensional fauna and its use with pinned ghost gear:

Composition theory: erector sets and science constellations and the web of life pattern falling into disorder.

Materials: Hand-dyed ghost gear, foam, muslin, paint, metal pins, nails and adhesives.

Flat work:
Arras (def.: A rich tapestry, typically hung on the walls of a room or used to conceal an alcove or passageway.)
Concept abstract: deconstructed quilts.

Materials: Hand-dyed ghost gear, raw cotton, muslin, scrim (thread and acid-free fabric adhesive).

Recovered Ghost Gear
Retrieval Coordinates: 42° 10′ N 69° 52′ W
Retrieval Vessel: F/V Donna Marie (Groundfish Trawler/Scallop Dragger out of Provincetown)
Water Depth: approx. 100 fathoms/183 meters/600 feet
Source: pre-Magnuson-Stevens Act* foreign, most likely Russian, fishing net

*Prior to the enactment of the MSA in 1976, international waters began at just 12 miles from shore and were fished by unregulated foreign fleets. The MSA extended U.S. jurisdiction to 200 nautical miles and established eight regional fishery management councils with representation from the coastal states and fishery stakeholders.